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Kit list: Fundamentals of baking

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

You definitely don't need a tonne of fancy equipment to get started in the kitchen with baking, it's more about choosing the right stuff to get you on your way to producing brilliant bakes.

Here's our rundown of equipment that we use in the Fundamentals of baking course.

Please note, these are all recommendations to guide you not affiliate links, no one is paying us to promo them basically. We have included an * where equipment is essential for the beginners baking course, if it doesn't have an * then it's not the end of the world if you don't have it but it could be a fun thing to put on your wishlist.

*Kitchen digital scales

A set of reliable scales is really important when baking, the difference between a digital and non digital is pretty big too. It's best to chose digital if you can to be extra precise. Also look out for the max weight that a scale can handle, 2-5kg is pretty good going for home bakes. Microscales are also really handy for small quantities but not necessary for the beginners baking course.

Kenex scales

Salter scales


It's good to have a few of these as they are so handy. Brilliant for scraping everything out of the bowl, folding cake batters, cooking custards and more.



A medium sized whisk is all you need for most home bakes. We prefer metal whisks over silicone, just make sure you don't use them in non stick pans!


Chefs knife

Even though this is a kit list for baking, you'll find yourself using knives every now and then. The more comfortable you feel using the knife, the better so it's always good to invest in a few. A large chefs knife is great for portioning cake!




*Bread knife

These can be very sought after in a pastry kitchen, the serrated edge comes in handy when cutting larger cakes and for loaves of bread.


*Grater & microplane

We use the thick side of a grater in this course to grate cold pastry.

Microplanes are brilliant for zesting fruit and grating whole spices sometimes too.

Nisbets grater


*8 inch tart case

There are so many brilliant tart cases out th