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Giving Back

At Damson Jelly Academy our mission is to make learning how to cook accessible. We want to be part of a change in food education and break down the barriers between those who want to learn and high school fees. 

Therefore, for every basic beginners course that we sell, we give one back to a kid in a school who wants to learn. Whether that's baking, cooking or both. Courses are available to those eligible for pupil premium/free school meals aged 13+. 

In order to apply for this please get in touch with our schools email address and we'll send you a form to fill out.

On top of this, in the future we will be setting up a fund to allow us to provide these learners with ingredient packs and equipment.

In the past few years we have independently worked to give talks in schools and youth centres about the importance of learning about food and the possible job avenues available in the food world. Now that DJA is live we will be revisiting those schools and youth centres to give demos, talks and enrol students at the same time. 

If you wish to apply/ if you are a food equipment or ingredients company looking to give back via this programme please email us on:

Knowledge = power.

Lots of love,


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