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  • Who are the courses designed for?
    The beginners sweet & savoury course has been designed for anyone who wants to start from scratch, as you would at culinary school. Learning the foundations of cooking and baking in a fun and accessible environment. The intermediate courses are designed for anyone who has either taken the beginners course and wants to progress or anyone who has a solid understanding of the foundations of cooking/baking. Browse our curriculums over on the course page to find out what you will be learning!
  • What about us junior chefs/bakers?
    Come on in! The beginners courses are available to those ages 13 and above. (Adult supervision is required).
  • What do the courses entail?
    Beginners 4 week courses: Videos: Each course contains a minimum of 12 video tutorials spread out over 4 weeks, however you can complete these lessons in your own time. Recipe guides: The course includes recipe guides which are downloadable and contain the written recipes, bonus recipes, information on substitutions and FAQ's. Theory packs: The course also includes theory sheets which include the background as to why the recipes work the way they do. Audio: We've also thrown in some fun audio lectures about the recipes, our personal experiences with them and extra tips and tricks. Once you have access to the course you will also gain access to our community forums where you can ask questions to the DJA team and connect with others on the course. The intermediate baking course contains a deeper level of video lectures, recipe guides & theory packs The intermediate cookery courses contain video lectures by our new chef tutors along with recipe guides
  • What if I have a full time job or live abroad in a different time zone. Can I still join?
    YES. You absolutely can, we'd love to have you. The classes are made up of video tutorials and downloadable guides, designed to be used in your own time. Make it work for you!
  • How long do I get access for?
    Once you purchase a course you will have access to it for ONE WHOLE YEAR. The recipe guides and theory sheets are all downloadable too!
  • Are subtitles provided?
    All of the beginners videos on the course have subtitles. The recipe guides and theory sheets are written and downloadable too. Please get in touch to enquire about intermediate subtitle requirements
  • Do I need special equipment?
    Nah, we don't think you need to go out and get a new kitchen just to make great food but a few things will make a nice difference so we've put together a blog which has all of our recommended equipment in it. BAKING KIT LIST COOKING KIT LIST
  • Are these courses applicable if I want to bake/cook as a career?
    Hell yeah! The courses at Damson Jelly Academy have been designed by professionals. The courses have been designed by Ravneet Gill and Mattie Taiano who have 30+ years of experience working in restaurants between them. We have put the courses together in a way that takes our most important and helpful lessons and packages them up in an easy & fun way getting you on track to be a better cook/baker or BOTH! The goal here is always to give you the knowledge and confidence to be your best self and support you on your journey in the kitchen. Because we've been there and done it we know exactly what you need to know and have cut away anything unnecessary, keeping it straight to the point and fun - obviously.
  • Will you be adding more course options here?
    YOU BET. Big time yes! We've got plans for some really fun stuff here. Keep up to date with us, see BTS filming stories and find out about our next releases over on our Instagram page
  • What if I have questions?
    We're here for it! For each week of the course we provide FAQs about substitutions, alternatives and anything else that might come up. For anything else, we also have the comment function available on all videos. The comments are monitored and visible for all students, replies are monitored and someone from the team will get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Are the courses suitable for people with allergies/dietary restrictions?
    Beginners & intermediate baking: Recipes include eggs and dairy. There are a few recipes excluding eggs and one recipe excluding eggs and dairy. Currently we do not offer substitutions for these in our recipe guides but keep an eye out for future courses! Any nuts in the beginners course can be left out Beginners cooking: This course is not suitable for vegetarians, however we do have an intermediate pasta course which is suitable for vegetarians. This course contains chicken, fish and shellfish. The dairy in this course can mostly be substituted for dairy free alternatives, details in our recipe guides. The eggs in this course can be mostly substituted, details in our recipe guides. The course is suitable for those with a nut allergy. Check out our curriculum overviews to find out more about what we teach on each course. If you have anymore questions about this please get in touch here
  • Do I get a certificate once i've completed this?
    YES! You do, once you've completed the course you can email us for a certificate and proof of completion. We love to see your photos too so keep track of your dishes via instagram using the hashtag #damsonjellyacademy
  • I think i'm eligible for a free course, how do I apply?"
    Amazing, get in touch with us here for all of the steps.
  • I need a VAT invoice, how do I do that?"
    Your receipt/proof of purchase will be sent to you via email as soon as you have purchased a course. If you require a specific VAT invoice please get in touch with us:
  • Can I buy the course for a friend?
    Ab-so-LUTELY, how nice! All you need to do is purchase a gift course from our course section. You will recieve an email with a unique code that can be sent to your loved one ready to get them started.
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