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 The feel good cookery school, designed to help you become your best self in the kitchen 

“I’ve trained teams in kitchens, taught classes online, up-skilled a whole lotta you during the first lockdown on the other side of the screen, and now I want to be able to reach even more of you. Learning how to cook shouldn’t feel scary. Instead, I want to help you develop your instincts when it comes to food and flavour, building confidence and practical knowledge at the same time.”


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Damson Jelly Academy is here to help you level up your baking and cooking skills with professionally designed online courses that teach you the 'why' as well as the 'what' and 'how' of cooking, so that you can become confident, competent and creative in the kitchen, making delicious things whilst you're at it.

Class types

Available NOW: 

Beginners sweet

Beginners savoury


More expert courses will be added throughout the year.

This course is for

YOU! No seriously though, our courses are designed to work for beginners all the way to advanced. Check out our curriculums to find out more. 


For every beginners course sold we give one back to a budding chef/baker in a school. We are working towards making our food education programmes accessible for all.

4 week courses

Each course is designed to be taken over 4 weeks with a minimum of 3 video recipes per week. Once you have access to the course it's yours to complete in your own time (within 1 year). 

What's involved? 

  • Video tutorials

  • Downloadable recipe guides

  • Theory sheets

  • Audio lectures

  • Access to community forums

Our courses

Purchase our courses individually or as a bundle to receive our lowest ever price. 


Beginners Bakery Course

Want to be a better baker? Love the thought of making the best cakes and desserts for your mates? Maybe you dream of opening your own bakery in the future or perhaps you're a chef who wants to know the fundamentals? Well this course is for you x 100. We're here to impart our knowledge in a way that's fun, engaging and practical. And yes, very, very delicious

In this course you'll learn: cakes, biscuits, meringue, pastry, custard and so much more


Beginners Cooking Course

Right from day 1, this course teaches you to make dishes you'll be day dreaming about for weeks after. Trust us on this one. At DJA we teach you how to make restaurant worthy dishes - you know the ones that leave you lost for words wondering how they made something so perfectly balanced? It's all down to kitchen hacks and a handful of tips and tricks that we reveal in a fun and accessible way. 

In this course you'll master soups, emulsions, fish cookery, dinner party hacks and more

About us


Damson Jelly Experience

Courses to teach you our best lessons

Learn how to make restaurant worthy dishes - you know the ones you can't believe taste that good whilst seeming so simple? Yeah, we're all about that here. We work with seasonal produce and teach you how tow to take core principles and use them to suit you, with substitutions and alternatives so you never need to leave a question in the recipe comments section again!

Making cooking and baking an accessible skill for all

We want to break down the rules around food and cooking, getting you on your way to becoming an instinctive cook and baker; the kind who can tell what something needs just by looking, touching and tasting.

Teachers with combined experience totalling 30 years

The courses have been designed by Ravneet Gill and Mattie Taiano, two chefs who have spent years working in restaurants all over London including; The Anchor & Hope, St. JOHN, The Camberwell Arms, Noble Rot, Llewelyns, Black Axe Mangal, Zuma, Jamavar. We want to take all of our key learnings and pass them onto you. 

Rav has recently appeared across all your TVs as the judge on Channel 4's Junior Bake Off. She is a columnist for The Guardian and The Telegraph, founder of hospitality platform Countertalk and has written two books. The Pastry Chef's guide is out now and her second book Sugar, I Love You is out in Oct 21.


Damson Jelly Blog


Rahul Bose

“Rav is a fantastic teacher and an enabler who is always keen on sharing her seasoned knowledge, has the gifted ability to take any complex recipe and break it down to make it understandable even for a novice like me. Her constructive feedback has helped me to gain confidence to venture into baking and create amazing desserts.” 

Jose Gay-Costa

“Ravneet Gill introduced me into the world of pastry, teaching me in a simple, approachable and not intimidating way from the basics to the more advance pastry making techniques" 

Zakiyah Syeda

“Rav teaches in a way that is nourishing, inspiring and memorable. Four years later and the endless skills and priceless kitchen habits she taught me are engrained in my brain like it was yesterday. I’m forever grateful for all the tips she taught me. She instantly believed in me as a pastry chef and always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, the perfect match for my first mentor in the industry."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the courses designed for?

The beginners sweet & savoury course has been designed for anyone who wants to start from scratch, as you would at culinary school. Learning the foundations of cooking and baking in a fun and accessible environment.

What about us junior chefs/bakers?

Come on in! The beginners courses are available to those ages 13 and above. (Adult supervision is required).

What do the courses entail?

Each course contains a minimum of 12 video tutorials spread out over 4 weeks, however you can complete these lessons in your own time. Recipe guides which are downloadable and contain the written recipes, bonus recipes and information on substitutions. Theory sheets which include the background as to why the recipes work the way they do Audio lectures as bonus material. We've also thrown in some fun lectures about the recipes, our personal experiences with them and extra tips and tricks.

How long do I get access for?

Once you purchase a course you will have access to it for ONE WHOLE YEAR. The recipe guides and theory sheets are all downloadable too!