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Damson Jelly Baking Course

Fundamentals of Baking

  • Baking - Fundamental

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    • Cakes
    • Biscuits
    • Caramel
    • Meringue
    • Custard
    • Pastry
    • & more
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Baking Course Curriculum

Week 1: Cake technique

We kick the course off with cakes! Learn the most important tips and tricks that will give you the confidence to apply these principles to all future cake making. Learn the creaming method, how to work with different fats in baking and finally how to make decadent vegan chocolate cakes.   


  • Victoria sponge

  • Apple cake and frosting

  • Mini chocolate cakes (vegan)


Week 2: Biscuits & Brownie

In week two we cover the foundations of biscuit making, the techniques and principles that will apply to future bakes. The rubbing in method via our traditional shortbread, filled biscuits utilizing the dry/wet method where we roll and slice the dough before baking and filling. Using a piping bag successfully and how to make the best brownies. 


  • Classic shortbread

  • Ginger nuts and white chocolate cream

  • Toffee hazelnut chocolate brownie


Week 3: Sugar, Meringue & Caramels

This week is all about sugar, in different ways. Conquer caramel by learning the tips and tricks to be in control at all times. Here we tackle the basics of a direct caramel to form the base of a crème caramel and caramel making using water to perfectly caramelise nuts with ease. 

We teach a classic pavlova via the French meringue method, one that is fail safe and will have you making meringues like a pro. 

You will also learn how to judge the set on any baked custard and the signs to look for when poaching fruit. 


  • Classic pavlova

  • Caramelised hazelnuts

  • Poached pears

  • Crème caramel

CREME 24.png

Week 4: Tarts & Custard

Master pastry and custard making in our final week of the course. Learn how to use pastry making principles and apply them to other recipes, learn the technique of lining a tart case easily and the signs to look for when blind baking. This week we also cover crème patisserie and how to work with it, transforming it into crème diplomat. 

You will also learn how to successfully bake a classic custard tart in a deep tart shell and how to get that perfect set.

  • Sweet pastry

  • Crème patisserie

  • Strawberry tart

  • Baked custard tart

CREME PAT 11.png

Please note: our course materials contain the information you need to switch ingredients and FAQ’s – we got you!

Theory Lessons
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