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Kit list: Fundamentals of cooking

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Hi wonderful people! Here's our kit list for the Fundamentals of cooking course! We have included some links to examples of good quality pieces of equipment we have used in the past! These are just a guideline though, and feel free to choose something similar elsewhere (let us know about any great finds!) Trust us, nobody is paying us to say this! We've put an * next to every piece of equipment that is necessary for the Fundamentals of cooking course.

*Chefs knife or Santouku knife

Great for chopping, slicing, dicing etc!

Nisbets - Wusthof

*Small pairing knife

This helps with tasks that require delicate handling like small vegetables

Nisbets - Victorinox

*Bread knife

Everyone needs a good bread knife! Great for slicing bread and really large cakes...

Nisbets - Pro dynamic

Sharpening steel (Chefs knife only)

This is a must for keeping those chefs knife sharp. Remember it's much safer to use a sharp knife rather than a blunt one...

Nisbets - Victorinox

Honing steel (Chefs knife only)

Wet stone (Santouku knife only)

Learning how to use these is really beneficial if you have invested in a Japanese knife. It can be a daily practice if you're using your knives a lot and helps to maintain them nicely. Sometimes the knife company will even give you a demo on how to use them in the shop. If not there are loads of free online tutorials to get stuck into.

*Chopping board

Wooden or thick plastic etc, just make sure you wash and dry them thoroughly. Ideally it's great to have different boards for meat, fish, dairy and veg! Always secure chopping boards on to your work surface with a non slip mat underneath of a damp tea towel

*Temperature probe

A really great piece of kit that can help you to safely check whether meat/fish is properly cooked, for that all important peace of mind!

Nisbets - Hygiplas

*Frying pan

It's not essential that it's non stick but you can certainly feel the difference! Just be careful when using non stick pans to make sure any equipment used doesn't damage the coating. The metal handle means you can put it into the oven too which is brilliant for lots of quick meat/fish cookery.

Nisbets - Vogue

*Medium saucepan

Nisbets - Vogue

*Large saucepan

Nisbets - Vogue

We also have a selection of Crane cookware and Le Creuset

*Gratin dish

A gratin dish is a multi functional kitchen staple, useful for smaller braises, baked potato dishes and more.


A chinoix is widely used in kitchens for straining off soups and stocks etc, but a really fine sieve will also do the trick.

Nisbets - Vogue

Potato masher

If you already have a different style potato masher that's also fine!

Nisbets - Kitchen craft

*Stick blender/blender

A stick blender is super handy for things like smaller batches of soup, always be safe when using them and always switch them off when cleaning. If not a sturdy high powered blender also does the trick. In our course we use a thermomix but that is not essential as we do not use the heat setting.

Nisbets - Waring


This is a great piece of kit but also you must be REALLY careful when using one of these as they are super sharp. If you don't feel comfortable using one please use a sharp knife secured on a chopping board instead


*Large metal spoon




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